Marketing on Autopilot: Scheduling Posts on Social Media

June 22, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

There are a number of options for scheduling social media posts… Facebook has a built in scheduler – but I prefer to use Hootsuite.

I pay for a subscription to Hootsuite, because I manage so many social accounts for my clients – scheduling posts across multple social accounts makes sense that way.

If you do a little leg work – you’ll be sure to find an affordable or free scheduling app to keep those posts going live when you can’t.

Let me say that I highly recommend hootsuite, and I’ve had great results with it. There is a bulk scheduling tool – which allows you to create a spreadsheet of all of your posts, and then upload it. While it’s tricky to keep the formatting just right – it’s a great tool!

Tune in next week for “Marketing on Autopilot: Scheduling posts on your website”
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LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs – a Quick Guide to promoting your business on LinkedIn

July 14, 2014 in Blog, Marketing Monday

July 15
LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool that many people forget about.
It’s got even MORE power for entrepreneurs. Here is some advice for harnessing the power of LinkedIn to help you market your business ideas.

1. Get Started.
If you don’t have a linkedin profile, set it up – and get your resume online.
Start connecting with your contacts.
Start endorsing your contacts.
Upload a professional looking profile picture – NOT a company logo – as there is a DIFFERENT place for those.

This will help you gain some connections, so that the rest of your marketing efforts will get noticed.

2. Discussion Groups
There are groups centered around your areas of expertise. Join them, and interact with other people on them. When you post a new blog post on your website – SHARE IT in the relevant group. When you TITLE the group post, ask a QUESTION to get people to engage!

3.  Leverage your employees.
You may or may not have employees or team members yet – but if you do – send them an email and ask them to share your blog post on their LinkedIn profile. It helps THEM prove their connection to your company, and helps YOU get your name  in front of THEIR connections!

Many employees might feel uncomfortable sharing your posts on their private twitter or facebook accounts (they also might not. It doesn’t hurt to ask – just let it be their choice – and don’t penalize them either way.) The advantage with linkedin – is that the professional nature of the site makes them a little more prone to share…. Unless they HATE their job  – in which case… you might not want them working for you ANYWAY… but that’s another blog post for another day.

4. Pages – not profiles.
You need to have your own PERSONAL LinkedIn profile – and then after that – you can create a COMPANY page. This will help you get your business content out there, and highlight customer recommendations and highlight your products and services.

Company pages also has a reasonable tracking system, so you can see what kind of engagement those posts are getting.

5. Connect.
I know we covered connecting with your contacts in the Get started section… but it’s a good idea to frequently run through your contact list, to see if you have anyone you can connect with! Keep it fresh, and don’t be afraid to send messages!

6. Status

You know how you update your facebook status? You can do the same on linkedin! Take some time to PLAN OUT and schedule a list of status updates to post to linkedin.

If you use HOOTSUITE – you can plan your posts out and schedule them in advance.

Just another way to keep getting your BRAND NAME and your OWN name in front of people that you want to do business with.

Be a good Facebook Friend #marketingmonday

July 7, 2014 in Blog, Marketing Monday

As Facebook has changed it’s algorithms drastically, Facebook pages are getting less traction, and personal accounts are getting even more notice than before.
So, depending on your business, you could leverage your personal network to promote or market… but you want to be careful!

Facebook is a little like church. If you stand up in the middle of the service and invite everyone to stop by your grocery store, you’ll get some dirty looks… because it feels a little, well… dirty.

I know my business survives on personal connections. Most of my business comes from a friend of a friend who saw my blog posts or facebook posts, and they referred people to me because of that. You CAN turn your friends into a referral marketing machine… but you want to do it carefully, or else you will turn them off.

So let me give you some simple advice for using your PERSONAL facebook to promote your business….

1. Don’t be a idiot.
Remember that everything you post matters. I shouldn’t HAVE to say that Saturday Night Drunken Selfies, and personal and family drama will hurt your public reputation, but it’s true. It can hurt your chances at landing jobs, getting into schools, and in promoting your business.  Potential clients and customers WILL remember the things you posted on facebook.

2. Politics and Religion.
I won’t say that you CAN’T discuss these things publicly, but understand, that these discussions DO influence your friends opinions about you. If you are going to discuss them, do it with reason and compassion. Don’t bash or hate. And don’t post things that could be misconstrued as bashing or hating.  Check your sources, and make sure you back up your claims with reasonable arguments… and that leads us to our next point…

3. Be NICE.
Take the time to say THANK YOU on facebook when someone does or says something nice. Send thank you notes, either privately or publicly(where appropriate) for things that happen OFFLINE as well.

Be sure to offer complements, encouragement, and hope.

4. Be authentic.
It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to express your feelings. It’s okay to BE who you are… but you want to make sure that your expressions are NOT overwhelming.
If you make a mistake, own up to it.
Be sure to demonstrate that you ARE a good person without tooting your own horn. And if you have to toot your own horn… you might want to spend some time working on the person that you are… so that you ARE a nice person… and not just pretending….

5. Josh’s Rule of Thumb.
You have five fingers, and one of them is a thumb. If you are going to use your personal account to promote your business… imagine your thumb is your business post (a “thumbtack” if you will) and your other fingers are real life stuff.

You should post a minimum of four or five real life posts (pics of your cat, inspirational quotes, and interesting discussions) for every one business promotion.

Some say this number should be closer to 1:7… and that might be more accurate… just make sure you don’t go past 1:4. If you do… your personal page starts to feel “spammy” and uncomfortable.

6. Be a good friend.
This should go along with being nice… but there’s a great blog post here that describes proper facebook friend ettiquete. It’s a great read.

7. Don’t overdo event and group invitations.
You can invite people to events… but you’ll want to be sure NOT to be too annoying with it.

As far as inviting people to groups… especially a group where you are going to market products to them… do it sparingly. It’s best to ask them first.

8. Be careful with tags.
NO ONE likes to get tagged in a photo they are not in. Unless it’s a photo of their grandkids….

but I don’t want to get a notification and then have a picture on my profile of your discount sneakers flyer. No one does. So tag people in photos they are in… don’t tag them just to make sure they see it.

9. Wall Posts – use sparingly.
You can share your blog posts directly on the walls of friends that you KNOW want to read it. Your mutual friends will see it too…  but I would do it sparingly. Try to do it if they are already interested in what you are sharing…

10. Relationships are golden.
Remember the girl scout song? Make New friends, but keep the old… one is silver and the other gold.

If you have an existing relationship with someone… you want to do whatever you can to make that relationship stay. Tick them off with too much marketing, and you lose a friend.
You wouldn’t wear your sandwich board to their house for dinner… so make sure that your communication is NOT JUST about your business.

11. Don’t be afraid to invite your contacts.
When you meet someone in real life, get their business card, and look them up on facebook. Send them a friend request. Don’t be offended if they don’t accept… but adding them to your personal network can be a GOOD thing!

12. Don’t send game requests.
People hate them. ‘Nuff Said.
Besides… if you are working on your business, you shouldn’t have time for Farmville.

13. Do Post Often.
And do comment and engage on your friends pictures and posts.
A fresh post on your personal profile daily would be a minimum.

14. Klout
Facebook PAGES has insights to track and measure your engagement. But there isn’t an internal feature to track and measure how well you are using your personal page to connect.

I recommend signing up for, which gives you some good metrics. You can use Klout to track a Facebook Page or a Facebook Profile, but at this time… it can only do one or the other.

Don’t get too hung up on your klout score… but you CAN use it to see how people are engaging with your content.

July 7

5 Excuses that are keeping you from succeeding at social media. #marketingmonday

June 23, 2014 in Blog, Marketing Monday

Excuses suck. These are the things that I hear people say all time when they are faced with their lack of social media presence.

1. I don’t have time.


We’ve all got the same amount of time in every day. Billionaires and paupers all wake up with 24 hours each day.
The real problem here is that you don’t think social media deserves a high enough priority to make it happen. What amazes me is that I see people who say they don’t have time to promote their business on social media who are sending me invitations to Candy Crush.

Excuse Buster: If you come up with a PLAN – social media doesn’t have to take that much time. You can sit down in an afternoon and schedule posts for several months at a time.

Bonus Excuse Buster: You can pay someone to do it for you. You don’t have the time? Get it done ANYWAY.

2. I don’t like social media.


Not to sound callous here – but whether you like it or not, it’s the quickest and cheapest form of advertising you can use, and when done properly, can be very effective at making you money.

Lots of people don’t like colonoscopies, either – but it’s got to be done!

Excuse Buster: Suck it up, and make it fun.  

3. I don’t know what to post!

This is a common one. I think it stems from a lack of belief that your business really has a good product or service. If you BELIEVE in what you are selling, than you know what to post!

Sure, you might have to sit down and come up with a plan – but an editorial calendar can be a very valuable tool to help you determine what to say and when to say it!

Excuse Buster:
I’ll give you a handful of things you can post about.
1. Pictures of cool things that happen around your business. 
2. Testimonials from clients.
3. Ask a question about something your target audience is interested in – the weather, football, the memorial day parade, etc.
4. Inspirational quotes from people in your industry.
5. A sales pitch for your product or service.

(note – my rule of thumb is 1 to 5. if you post five things that are not a sales pitch- then that gives you the ability to do a sales pitch.)

4. Someone might criticize us.

Well, they already are criticizing you! You will not escape the bad things people say about you.
You can certainly monitor your site, and moderate any negative comments if you want…

but sometimes, those negative comments might be an opportunity to show the OTHER folks that you do take customer service seriously, and it also gives you a chance to get some real feedback from your customers, to know how well (or poorly) you are doing.

Excuse buster: Be confident that you are doing your best to offer good quality in your product or services, and it shouldn’t matter what anyone says about you.

5. I don’t know how.

All this newfangled technology is too much for you, eh?

You have two options:

Learn to do it yourself. There are a million ways you can learn how to use social media. Countless articles have been written. You’ve probably got a nephew who is a whiz at it, and he could show you if you take him out for pizza.

Pay someone to do it for you.  Hatcher Media can sit down with you to discuss your vision, and your message, and we can help you come up with a plan, and execute that plan, so that your social media presence stands out, gets heard, and delivers opportunity.

Call us today to find out more.Creative Marketing Solutions by Hatcher Media talks about social media

Social Media accentuates real connections. #wisdomwednesday

June 18, 2014 in Blog, Wednesday Wisdom

Sometimes, Social Media has a downside. Don’t get me wrong. you cannot always live in a world that is plugged in all the time….

and there is certainly rising social commentary to support “unplugging”

but this quote from Francois Gossleaux about WHY social media resonnates with people is good stuff, because it explains what social media does WELL.

“Social media allows us to bCreative Marketing with Hatcher Media presents #wisdomwednesdayehave in ways that we are hardwired for in the first place – as humans. We can get frank recommendations from other humans instead of from faceless companies.”
― Francois Gossieaux, The Hyper-Social Organization: Eclipse Your Competition by Leveraging Social Media


You Are… #wisdomwednesday

June 11, 2014 in Blog, Wednesday Wisdom

It appears to me that C.W. Leadbeater was some kind of Catholic Priest turned mystic transcendentalist.. so I can’t say that I subscribe to all of his teachings… but I loved this quote – and the way it applies to SOCIAL MEDIA today!  Want to communicate your brand? Want people to know your message? Then you need to understand this:

“You are what you share.” ― C.W. Leadbeater, We Think: The Power Of Mass Creativity #wisdomwednesday
you are what you share

How to Beat Negative Social Media

June 9, 2014 in Blog, Marketing Monday

howtobeatnegativesocialmediaThe climate is changing. It used to be – that if someone had a problem with you – they came to you to tell you to your face – or they gossiped about you behind your back. These days, social media means just about anybody can give you a black eye, and think nothing of it.

I’ve had my share of trolls try to knock me (and my billy goat friends) off the bridge. So let me give you some tips for handling negative social media.




  1. Monitor your Social Accounts regularly.People often “set it and forget it”. You’ve got to make sure to check to see if someone has messaged, tweeted, commented, or tagged you in a post. Stay on top of it – every day. Even if it’s just a quick check. Monitoring is important. It’s also good to be sure your employees are monitoring, and let you know if they see anything posted elsewhere. It’s also helpful if you set up a Google Alert that will email you anytime something new is posted about you online.
  2. The Customer is always right…. most of the time….Make “The Customer is Always Right” your mantra. Chances are good that you will get the occassional customer who is just being a tool that bashes you, and they are not right. But if we are honest with ourselves, and keep our egos in check – nine out of ten complaints are legitimately from a customer who had a bad experience. Sometimes they want compensation – sometimes they might just want a public apology. Before you assume that you complainant is just spouting off, or is a deadbeat, or is just trying to get their meal for free – START with the assumption that you are at fault, and that your desire is to make it right.
  3. Don’t Delete – EngageIf it’s an obviously insulting or “trolling” comment  – just delete it. Mostly – you’ll get something like this: “I had a burger at Bob’s Burger Shack. The burger was undercooked and my server was rude.”   These comments shouldn’t be deleted. Just reply with an apology, and encourage them to contact you offline (give them a number or email address) so that you can make it right.
  4. Make it Right.How much can it cost to give the guy another burger, right?
    Now obviously – some situations are going to be different. But hopefully GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE and QUALITY are hallmarks in your business model. If the customer is not happy, than you’ve got to do your best to make them happy. You will NOT make everyone happy. But you can try!
  5. Don’t Freak Out.Don’t insult. Don’t panic. Don’t REACT. Just calmly try to make it right. Sometimes – you just can’t beat the negative PR. You screwed up – and now the world sees it. DO NOT REACT IN ANGER to the situation. Even if it is not your fault. Try to turn the online conversation into an offline conversation – so that your other readers see that you are doing something to work it out.
  6. Bury it.Do you have a negative review on the front page of your YELP? Can’t delete it? Than work hard to BURY it. Start soliciting every positive review that you can – and direct those clients/customers/friends to the place you want them to post. Usually, a website like that has five to ten “top” reviews that show up first. So solicit enough to bump the negative review down a few pages!
  7. Don’t assume that because someone challenges you, corrects you, disagrees with you publicly that they HATE you. Most likely they are either “trolling” (posting negatively for the fun of it), or they have a legitimate customer service complaint, or they are just ignorant fools. But don’t assume that the public confrontation is motivated by hate – and then be sure to respond with kindness and patience. It works most of the time!

Free Advertising Secrets – Part 4

December 23, 2013 in Blog, Video

In this series, we’re going to look at some ways to get advertising, without spending one  red cent. (or any other color for that matter.)

Note – nothing in life is truly free. I would never recommend that someone develop an advertising strategy without some kind of budget – but the point of this is to demonstrate that advertising does not always need to be expensive, and that you can trade TIME, ENERGY, and CREATIVITY for MONEY when it comes to communicating your message!

So – Part three of our series:

4.  Gorilla (Guerrilla) Marketing

I’ve started and not finished a book on Gorilla Marketing – some day I’ll wrap it up – but my awesome clients have kept me very busy with work – so sometimes my OWN writing gets stuck on the shelf – like the saying about the hairdresser’s hair looking the worst….

but the idea of Guerrilla Marketing is that it’s an alternative and low cost way to get the word out – typically by replacing a big budget with a  lot of creativity.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about it.
Guerrilla marketing is an advertisingstrategy in which low-cost unconventional means (graffiti, sticker bombing, flash mobs) are utilized, often in a localized fashion or large network of individual cells, to convey or promote a product or an idea. The term guerrilla marketing is easily traced to guerrilla warfare which utilizes atypical tactics to achieve a goal in a competitive and unforgiving environment.

Here’s a FANTASTIC article that gives you some Guerrilla Marketing ideas

Why not think outside the box?


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Free Advertising Secrets – Part 3

December 16, 2013 in Blog, Video

In this series, we’re going to look at some ways to get advertising, without spending one  red cent. (or any other color for that matter.)

Note – nothing in life is truly free. I would never recommend that someone develop an advertising strategy without some kind of budget – but the point of this is to demonstrate that advertising does not always need to be expensive, and that you can trade TIME, ENERGY, and CREATIVITY for MONEY when it comes to communicating your message!

So – Part three of our series:


3. Publicity

Publicity is pretty simple, actually. It’s getting media attention that you didn’t pay for. The secret is learning to write a press release, and submitting it to all of your local media outlets.

There’s also an element of building a relationship with your local media – and to be honest, I plan on writing a book about the art of publicity in the future – but I’ll give you a few tips now.

A) Do something newsworthy. Chances are good – a LOT of what you do might already be newsworthy. If you have a fairly public type organization, a new staff person might be worth of a press release. If your company makes a charitable donation, or if you get your employees to volunteer to do some kind of community service – these things are worthy of a press release.

Don’t miss up on any opportunity to get news coverage.

B) Write your press release as though it is an article in the paper. If they don’t have to edit it – they’ll like it even more – but keep in mind – they MAY edit it. They may also NOT publish it. But keep submitting to your local news outlets (radio, tv, newspaper, local blogs, etc) anyway!

C) Follow up with a THANK YOU every time one of your press release gets published. It’s about the relationship. If the media LIKES you – they’ll publish future releases. Be a friend. It will come back to you.

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Free Advertising Secrets – Part 2

December 9, 2013 in Blog, Video

In this series, we’re going to look at some ways to get advertising, without spending one  red cent. (or any other color for that matter.)

Note – nothing in life is truly free. I would never recommend that someone develop an advertising strategy without some kind of budget – but the point of this is to demonstrate that advertising does not always need to be expensive, and that you can trade TIME, ENERGY, and CREATIVITY for MONEY when it comes to communicating your message!

So – Part two of our series:
2. Market to Existing Customers – Upsell – Re-engage – Word of Mouth
We talked in our Effective Advertising series about building a relationship.
This is where that comes into play.

Upsell – When someone is in your store or at your desk, or on the phone – train your sales staff to UPSELL. Make sure that no matter what you are offering – there’s always another product to offer. Make it easy to bundle in additional services or products. “Do you need a hammer to go with these nails today?”  “Since you’re getting car insurance with us, are you interested in getting a quote for your homeowners insurance today as well?”

This advertising happens solely by asking one more question with every transaction. Cost – FREE.

Re-engage – If you have a company newsletter, or a call list –  or some other way to follow up with and re-engage your previous/current customers – you’ll find what powers every successful business – repeat customers.

Word of Mouth – Want to build a good word of mouth campaign? Train your workers to encourage your customers to tell their friends. Also – if you make a customer happy – get a testimonial! Just ask them to write you a review on your social media page – or have them email you their thoughts – and then use that testimonial to get the word out! You can use these in your PAID advertising as well – but if you build into your system the idea that your services are good enough to tell others about – then you train your staff to encourage all of your customers to spread the word!
“Thanks for stopping in today! Tell your friends about us!”

Another good idea –  encourage people to CHECK IN on facebook or another social media when they stop in.

If you want to spend a few dollars – you can look into a building a referral rewards program. My friend runs an insurance company. His referral program works well. He gives a small gift for each referral, and then enters them into a monthly and yearly drawing for bigger prizes. He sends his small gift with a thank you note – and reaps a fantastic amount of new business from referrals.

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