Free Advertising Secrets – Part 1

December 2, 2013 in Blog, Video

In this series, we’re going to look at some ways to get advertising, without spending one  red cent. (or any other color for that matter.)

Note – nothing in life is truly free. I would never recommend that someone develop an advertising strategy without some kind of budget – but the point of this is to demonstrate that advertising does not always need to be expensive, and that you can trade TIME, ENERGY, and CREATIVITY for MONEY when it comes to communicating your message!

So – Part one of our series:
1. Leveraging the Power of Social Media
The more strategic you are with facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus, and your blog, the more effective you’ll be.

A) Let’s start from the beginning – set up an account  or a professional profile on each of the above social networks.  Invite your network – you should be able to import your contacts, which should help.

B) If possible – link your blog to automatically post there. (You can use If This Then That  to set up a recipe that will automatically post from your blog.)

C) Make a strategy. You can just post random things as they happen, or share pictures of cats. But your most effective social networking will come with a strategy. Figure out what you are going to post, and when. Then take the time to schedule your posts. (you can use a program like hootsuite if you want to schedule across networks.)

D) Post regular, Post Often, Have Fun.

E)Think about a budget. YES – We’re talking about free advertising. But if you CAN put a little cash on an ad campaign on facebook or twitter – it will be effective in building engagement. You don’t have to spend it. If you’re GOOD at social networking – you might not even need to spend any. But it can’t hurt!

Do you need some help setting up your Social Media Accounts, and optimizing them for results? Do you need help coming up with a social media strategy?

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