The Dog Days of Summer Marketing: Email Marketing

August 17, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

The Dog Days of Summer Marketing: Email Marketing
In the heat of August, it’s often easy to get lazy with your marketing. “Eh – we’ll start back up again in the fall!” Instead – why not find ways to try something new this month!

It’s not hard at all to get into email marketing. Here’s what I would recommend.

1. Set up an account at Mailchimp. Why? it’s easy, it’s free, and it’s versatile. Plus – it has all the right stuff to keep you from getting your web address blacklisted for spam.

2. Build your list.
-Ask every customer for their email, and send them a request to subscribe.
-Make coupons valid only if they provide their email address. (you can put a disclaimer saying that they’ll recieve a message to opt in to your list.)
-. Do a giveaway and collect email addresses for entry. (Great way to build your list!)

3. Make a plan.
You can set up email lists that work on based on your website updates. You can also write a unique email weekly or monthly – and it’s not hard at all to work ahead with these!

Tune in next Monday for our next #MarketingMonday installment: The Dog Days of Summer Marketing: Social Marketing

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