Marketing on Autopilot: Following Up

June 29, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

It’s important to put your email on hold sometimes – and the best bet is to create an auto-responder.

However – it’s also important to make sure that your auto-responder doesn’t delete or block your emails, and if you are like me – you still monitor them while on vacation to make sure that you don’t miss an emergency that only you can fix! (I hate that I’ve become so tethered to it – but if one of my clients has a website problem – that means their business is down for a week! That’s not good!)

I would encourage you to write your “away” message in such a way that they know you’ll be getting your messages, and if there is an emergency, you’ll get back to them. I would also let them know when you plan to return, and let them know if they don’t hear from you right away, to try again!

When you get back from vacation – go through your emails, and respond to each of them – giving a timetable when you plan to address the work or the concerns that have come in.

Do the same for your facebook and social profiles! Many times, people will post to your page, or write a message to your business profile – and then get upset when they don’t get a response. So it’s important to follow up with each post, comment, retweet, and message – so that you can take care of their needs! A late response is often better than no response at all!