HOT Marketing: Be Appealing

July 13, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

Hot Marketing: Be Appealing
Want to make your marketing stand out? Want your marketing to be HOT instead of freezing cold? This month, Hatcher Media will tell you just what makes marketing HOT.

I talk a lot about the importance of good design, and not just because I am a designer. I firmly believe that people are attracted to beauty. They are drawn to attractive people, places and things. And so you need to keep that in mind before you type up that flyer in Microsoft Word (complete with Comic Sans)  and just throw an image that you stole from Google on it.

If the purpose of that flyer is attracting more business – it’s not going to cut it.  If you can’t design it well – then pay someone to do it. If you can’t afford to pay to design it well – then you need to do some research and learn to design it well yourself.

Quick tip if you are going to do it yourself. Bounce it off someone who is going to tell you exactly what they think. That friend that always says the wrong thing at the wrong time? Your critical mother-in-law? Yeah. Those ones. Ask THEM what they think of the design – and they’ll gladly give you some advice to make it better.

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These calls to action are not just something nice on your marketing. These are the most important part. Your marketing pieces need to tell people what to do!

I’ve tested a lot of ads. The most effective ads are ones that say “Call Us Today! 814-636-0152” Why? Because if you’ve captured someone’s attention in your ad, you’ve compelled them, and they want to respond – your specific call to action gives them direction and permission to do so!

Note: Never ever ever forget to provide your contact information. (I see this all the time)
And ALWAYS make your call to action CLEAR, CONCISE, SPECIFIC, and BOLD!

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