What Every Website Needs: Part 5: Contact Info

December 1, 2014 in Blog, Marketing Monday

In this five part series of blogs, we’re going to talk about what your website needs. There is a lot more than five things that your website needs, but we’ll talk about five to get you started. These things will help elevate your website from just a placeholder and a business expense to a useful and productive part of your business that well help you GENERATE income.

Contact Info
I’ve been building websites since 1997. I’ve made some good ones, some dumb ones, and everything in between. Interestingly enough, many end users often tell me, or tell my web design clients that they couldn’t find their contact information.

After hearing this, I started asking question for other web designers, and I’ve discovered that it’s a common problem.

I look at the sites in question, and I can always find the contact info – but for some reason – people miss it!

So here’s what I recommend.

1. Put your contact information in your footer or sidebar – so that it shows up on EVERY page.

2. Make a “Contact Us” page – with all of the relevant contact information. You might want to have a form that gathers email addresses that you can use for marketing.

3. Don’t forget to include your contact info on ALL of your social media profiles and directory pages!

4. Include your contact info with your “Call to Action” if appropriate.

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