What Ever Website Needs: Part 4: A Call To Action!

November 24, 2014 in Blog, Marketing Monday

September 22In this five part series of blogs, we’re going to talk about what your website needs. There is a lot more than five things that your website needs, but we’ll talk about five to get you started. These things will help elevate your website from just a placeholder and a business expense to a useful and productive part of your business that well help you GENERATE income.


4. Call to Action

I wrote another post on CALL TO ACTION in the Good Copywriting series, but I want to point out that every website needs one. In fact, it needs MULTIPLE calls to action.

I recommend a call to action on every page of your website. I think they work best if they are graphical – a brightly colored button or arrow.

They could be a “fill out this form” – which would also allow you to collect email addresses for a newsletter. They could also be a “Call us today” or a “Stop in today” depending on how your site is setup.

But a call to action needs to be CLEAR – CONSCISE –BOLD – URGENT and very clearly TELL your reader what you want them to do.

“Call us TODAY to set up an appointment!”

“Click here NOW to get your free ebook!”

“Stop by our store and SAVE today!”