The Dog Days of Summer Marketing: Social Marketing

August 24, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday


The Dog Days of Summer Marketing: Social Marketing

In the heat of August, it’s often easy to get lazy with your marketing. “Eh – we’ll start back up again in the fall!” Instead – why not find ways to try something new this month!

Using social media is really not as complicated as you might think.
I think the key is just looking for natural, organic things to post about. Post pics from around your office. Comment on the weather!  Ask questions. Be inspiring. Think outside of the box.

Don’t just try to sell your product. Your social media is about building a relationship with your readers – not just selling.

My “rule of thumb” – you have four fingers – one thumb. For every one sales-y type post – have four other interesting posts that don’t sell anything at all – but build relationship.

Something to think about – as August comes to a close – people are gearing up for the fall! It’s natural ebb and flow in our culture, thanks to years of “Back to School” – everything from entertainment and sports to school itself is rooted in that “settling in” and “starting up” rhythm.  Plan your marketing accordingly!

Tune in next Monday for our next #MarketingMonday installment: The Dog Days of Summer Marketing: Blogging

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