The Dog Days of Summer Marketing: Guerrilla Marketing

August 3, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

The Dog Days of Summer Marketing: Guerrilla Marketing
In the heat of August, it’s often easy to get lazy with your marketing. “Eh – we’ll start back up again in the fall!” Instead – why not find ways to try something new this month!

Guerrilla Marketing is a fun way to engage people. It involves a much smaller budget, but it requires a lot more creativity.

During Tax Season – Liberty Tax pays someone to dress up like the Statue of Liberty, holding a sign on the street corner. What if you rented a costume and paid your teenager to dance around and drum up business for you today?

What if you came up with some zany crazy idea that got people talking?

What if you just closed the shop – and walked around town handing out business cards?
Maybe your restaurant holds a hot pepper eating contest, or you try to break a world record.

Maybe you hand out bottles of cold water to people at the park, while wearing your company T-Shirt.
Think outside the box, do something different. Need some ideas?

Tune in next Monday for our next #MarketingMonday installment: The Dog Days of Summer Marketing: Mobile Marketing

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