Marketing on Autopilot: Following Up

June 29, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

It’s important to put your email on hold sometimes – and the best bet is to create an auto-responder.

However – it’s also important to make sure that your auto-responder doesn’t delete or block your emails, and if you are like me – you still monitor them while on vacation to make sure that you don’t miss an emergency that only you can fix! (I hate that I’ve become so tethered to it – but if one of my clients has a website problem – that means their business is down for a week! That’s not good!)

I would encourage you to write your “away” message in such a way that they know you’ll be getting your messages, and if there is an emergency, you’ll get back to them. I would also let them know when you plan to return, and let them know if they don’t hear from you right away, to try again!

When you get back from vacation – go through your emails, and respond to each of them – giving a timetable when you plan to address the work or the concerns that have come in.

Do the same for your facebook and social profiles! Many times, people will post to your page, or write a message to your business profile – and then get upset when they don’t get a response. So it’s important to follow up with each post, comment, retweet, and message – so that you can take care of their needs! A late response is often better than no response at all!

Marketing on Autopilot: Scheduling Posts on Social Media

June 22, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

There are a number of options for scheduling social media posts… Facebook has a built in scheduler – but I prefer to use Hootsuite.

I pay for a subscription to Hootsuite, because I manage so many social accounts for my clients – scheduling posts across multple social accounts makes sense that way.

If you do a little leg work – you’ll be sure to find an affordable or free scheduling app to keep those posts going live when you can’t.

Let me say that I highly recommend hootsuite, and I’ve had great results with it. There is a bulk scheduling tool – which allows you to create a spreadsheet of all of your posts, and then upload it. While it’s tricky to keep the formatting just right – it’s a great tool!

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Marketing on Autopilot: Scheduling Posts On Your Website

June 15, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

You might not realize that most websites will allow you to schedule a post for the future!
Here are a couple quick tutorials that will show you how to do it!

How to schedule posts in wordpress:

How to schedule posts in Blogger:

How to schedule posts in Square Space

Whatever you do, going on vacation is not a good reason NOT to post on your website! Making sure that news and blog updates go live while you are gone is a great way to assure that once you get back, you won’t have a lack of business!

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Marketing on Autopilot – What to Write About

June 8, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

The biggest factor that stops people from blogging, updating their website, their newspaper ads, their radio ads, their social media – or whatever marketing they are using is that they really don’t know what to write about!

I’m going to give you a simple list of things that you can write about – right now!





  1. Weekly Specials
  2. Behind the scenes stories
  3. Product Reviews
  4. Customer Testimonials
  5. Curated Posts from other websites (don’t plagarize  just quote a few lines and share the link!)
  6. What to expect at your business
  7. Feature Products or Services
  8. Company History
  9. Buyers Guide for products in your niche
  10. Pros and Cons lists
  11. Top Ten Lists
  12. Video Tours of your location
  13. Pictures of happy customers
  14. Birthday greetings for staff
  15. Case Studies
  16. Favorites – talk about your favorite tools/music/services that you use in your business
  17. Things you don’t know about me.
  18. Commentary on News events or articles
  19. Answer common myths and misconceptions
  20. Company News (new hires, new products, etc.)

Need more ideas? Let me know how I can help!
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Marketing on Autopilot: Planning Ahead So You Can Vacation

June 1, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

I’ve noticed that sometimes, I get behind on my own marketing. Blogging, Social Media, Email Newsletters, etc. can just get tossed by the wayside when I get busy, or when I want to enjoy some time with my family while they are on summer vacation.

What if you could put it on autopilot?

You can – and it starts simply. Make a plan, and work ahead.
If you aren’t working ahead with your blogging and your social media, then you need to carve out a time to write some content, and make your plan for how you are going to distribute that content.

I like to start making my plan by using Google Sheets or an Excel Spreadsheet.
I lay out my first column with dates, like a calendar, and then each column will be fo my various social media and marketing outlets. Short posts, or blog titles and topic will go in each cell – so that I can lay out what will post when and where.

If you work ahead enough on your plan – you do what you need to execute that plan – you can put that marketing on autopilot and let it do the work!

Tune in next week for “Marketing on Autopilot: What to Write About”
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