Marketing on Autopilot: Planning Ahead So You Can Vacation

June 1, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

I’ve noticed that sometimes, I get behind on my own marketing. Blogging, Social Media, Email Newsletters, etc. can just get tossed by the wayside when I get busy, or when I want to enjoy some time with my family while they are on summer vacation.

What if you could put it on autopilot?

You can – and it starts simply. Make a plan, and work ahead.
If you aren’t working ahead with your blogging and your social media, then you need to carve out a time to write some content, and make your plan for how you are going to distribute that content.

I like to start making my plan by using Google Sheets or an Excel Spreadsheet.
I lay out my first column with dates, like a calendar, and then each column will be fo my various social media and marketing outlets. Short posts, or blog titles and topic will go in each cell – so that I can lay out what will post when and where.

If you work ahead enough on your plan – you do what you need to execute that plan – you can put that marketing on autopilot and let it do the work!

Tune in next week for “Marketing on Autopilot: What to Write About”
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