Why WordPress? It’s simple to use for updating your site

April 13, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

If you are wondering about using WordPress as a Content Management System for your website, there is definitely a reason that Hatcher Media works with it exclusively.

The fact that it is simple – and allows a novice to keep a site updated is one of it’s biggest selling points.

If you know how to use facebook, gmail, and a word processor like Microsoft Word – then you can keep your website updated. There is a reasonable learning curve, and I’m usually able to show my clients how to update in under an hour.

That being said – installing, configuring, designing, and troubleshooting your site really needs to be done by a professional. The behind the scenes stuff takes some experience and knowledge – and if you get into the inner workings, you can break your site! I have found that the wordpress forums have been a great resource for finding answers to common breaks – but for what you NEED to do with your site on a daily/weekly basis – it’s fairly basic.

Updating your blog and your static pages is not complicated, and you can even download the wordpress app on your phone!