Why Design Matters: Ugly people don’t sell cigarettes.

February 2, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

WhyDesignMattersIf you have ever thought that your design doesn’t matter – or more likely, if you’ve never really thought about the design you use for marketing – then you should ask yourself a few questions.
Why do successful companies pay millions of dollars to advertising firms – hire attractive models – spend countless hours getting their marketing right?

The truth is – companies who are making money are making it because they KNOW it matters.

Have you seen this commercial to get people to stop smoking?

Now – obviously they are not trying to sell cigarettes. But have you ever seen an advertisement for cigarettes? Since the beginning of time – tobacco companies have been using gorgeous women (often in objectifying ways) and rugged men (funny how we wouldn’t classify this as objectification) to peddle tobacco.

Why? Because the truth is – attractive design, attractive models, and gorgeous scenery works.

Billions are spent every year to fine tune this marketing process.
You don’t need to spend that money yourself to determine what works! You can look at how major global brands are spending their cash – and you can imitate that for your small business! Obviously, you can’t plagiarize their idea – but you can certainly look to it for inspiration.

Stay tuned next week for  Why Design Matters: Design gives you credibility
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