5 Excuses that are keeping you from succeeding at social media. #marketingmonday

June 23, 2014 in Blog, Marketing Monday

Excuses suck. These are the things that I hear people say all time when they are faced with their lack of social media presence.

1. I don’t have time.


We’ve all got the same amount of time in every day. Billionaires and paupers all wake up with 24 hours each day.
The real problem here is that you don’t think social media deserves a high enough priority to make it happen. What amazes me is that I see people who say they don’t have time to promote their business on social media who are sending me invitations to Candy Crush.

Excuse Buster: If you come up with a PLAN – social media doesn’t have to take that much time. You can sit down in an afternoon and schedule posts for several months at a time.

Bonus Excuse Buster: You can pay someone to do it for you. You don’t have the time? Get it done ANYWAY.

2. I don’t like social media.


Not to sound callous here – but whether you like it or not, it’s the quickest and cheapest form of advertising you can use, and when done properly, can be very effective at making you money.

Lots of people don’t like colonoscopies, either – but it’s got to be done!

Excuse Buster: Suck it up, and make it fun.  

3. I don’t know what to post!

This is a common one. I think it stems from a lack of belief that your business really has a good product or service. If you BELIEVE in what you are selling, than you know what to post!

Sure, you might have to sit down and come up with a plan – but an editorial calendar can be a very valuable tool to help you determine what to say and when to say it!

Excuse Buster:
I’ll give you a handful of things you can post about.
1. Pictures of cool things that happen around your business. 
2. Testimonials from clients.
3. Ask a question about something your target audience is interested in – the weather, football, the memorial day parade, etc.
4. Inspirational quotes from people in your industry.
5. A sales pitch for your product or service.

(note – my rule of thumb is 1 to 5. if you post five things that are not a sales pitch- then that gives you the ability to do a sales pitch.)

4. Someone might criticize us.

Well, they already are criticizing you! You will not escape the bad things people say about you.
You can certainly monitor your site, and moderate any negative comments if you want…

but sometimes, those negative comments might be an opportunity to show the OTHER folks that you do take customer service seriously, and it also gives you a chance to get some real feedback from your customers, to know how well (or poorly) you are doing.

Excuse buster: Be confident that you are doing your best to offer good quality in your product or services, and it shouldn’t matter what anyone says about you.

5. I don’t know how.

All this newfangled technology is too much for you, eh?

You have two options:

Learn to do it yourself. There are a million ways you can learn how to use social media. Countless articles have been written. You’ve probably got a nephew who is a whiz at it, and he could show you if you take him out for pizza.

Pay someone to do it for you.  Hatcher Media can sit down with you to discuss your vision, and your message, and we can help you come up with a plan, and execute that plan, so that your social media presence stands out, gets heard, and delivers opportunity.

Call us today to find out more.Creative Marketing Solutions by Hatcher Media talks about social media