Startup Marketing Basics: Which Marketing Should You Pay For?

March 9, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

It’s not easy to know where to invest your advertising budget when you are starting a business.
To be fair – I can’t tell you the best place without a good long conversation!
But I can give you some ideas that I’ve seen over the years. Hopefully they can apply to your situation!

1. CPC (Cost Per Click)
I recommend spending at least a minimal amount on CPC advertising – whether through Facebook or Google Adsense.

Usually Google Adsense has an introductory deal offering $50 or $75 free if you spend $25.
Grab it!

I’d encourage you to setup a facebook campaign with a minimum bid of $1 a day that promotes your posts – and if you can afford it, another $1 a day to get page likes.  Maybe you can afford to run them all month long – maybe you do a week at a time when you can afford it!

2. Radio  –
If you are going to spend money on Radio – I recommend one of two options:
News/Weather Sponsorship
Interstitials (when the DJ talks about your business during his shift – as through it’s a natural conversation)

Other than that – the truth is no one is listening to radio ads… unless they are EXTREMELY creative and well produced!

I also recommend paying for some slick production and/or a jingle!

3. Newspaper –

Newspaper INSERTS – that fall out when you open the paper are more effective than other ads. Splurge for full color printing on glossy stock! It will get noticed, and it will be make a difference.

Find out more about that next week when we talk about: Startup Marketing Basics:  Measuring The Effectiveness Of Your Marketing