So You Think You Can Blog? Part 3 – Make a Plan! Work Ahead!

January 19, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

So you think you can blogIf you really want your blog to succeed – don’t just expect it to happen. I’m a huge fan of planning and working ahead when it comes to blogging.
1. It assures that you won’t get behind. You’ll always have content posting!
2. It gives you a chance to explore topics over the course of several weeks, rather than just a long boring posts that gets a <tl;dr> response. (too long;didn’t read)

My advice is to take the blog post that you would normally have written, and split it up into four or five smaller parts – posting those parts once a week.

That spreads ONE post into a whole month of posting!

I use Google Docs to create a calendar, and I chose a topic for every month. Then I split that topic into four or five parts – and write a short post for each part!

You can concievably do a whole year in just one month, if you really work on it!

That might be a little ambitious – but if you schedule a time when you will be writing – and if you try to do several weeks at a time – it keeps you ahead, and assures that you’ve got content ready to go!

Stay tuned next week for So You Think You Can Blog? Make your Blog Visually Appealing
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