Startup Marketing Basics: The Theory of Touches

March 23, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

I have no idea where this concept comes from – I’ve heard it in various places – and seen it proven true – so if I don’t quote the source, I apologize.

It takes multiple touches to get a response from a customer. That number of touches can vary from industry to industry – and some touches can be strong enough to get a response faster. Let’s say for the sake of argument – that it takes five touches.

That can look like this.

1. Potential Customer drives by your physical location and sees your sign out front.
2. Customer gets a postcard from you in the mail.
3. Customer meets you at an event, and you give him a business card.
4. Customer hears about you from a friend – in a good way.
5. Customer sees a facebook post shared from his neighbor.

If he hasn’t responded at this point – at least he is familiar with you – when has a NEED for your services – you are in his head.

Just keep in mind – it takes multiple TOUCHES or exposures for someone to feel like they know you and trust you enough to consider doing business with you!

Tune in Next Week for Startup Marketing Basics: Persistence Matters!