Startup Marketing Basics: Measuring The Effectiveness Of Your Marketing

March 16, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

It does you no good to throw money at advertising if you have no way of measuring if it works.
Make sure you build into your campaign a way to track who is responding to your ads!
Here’s a list of ways to do it.

1. Print a coupon. Customer’s bring coupon into your shop  – you know they saw your ad and responded. Track how much each of those visits made you.

2. Build a special URL – If you are web-savvy – you could do a subdomain – like (It’s not real. Don’t bother. lol.)

You can track visitors – to see if your ad provokes a response.  I did this for Open Arms Community Church with this special website we built or a campaign –

3. Give a password –

This can work great for incoming phone campaigns – or even through the door point of sale customers.

The truth is – you need to come up with SOMETHING in your advertising that creates an opportunity for you to track it’s effectiveness. And if it doesn’t make back at LEAST what you spent on it – you need to consider whether it’s worth putting any more money into!

Tune in next week for Startup Marketing Basics:  The Theory of Touches