How to Blog for a Year In Just One Week

October 6, 2014 in Blog, Marketing Monday

Hatcher Media - Creative Marketing Solutions1. Don’t start just yet.

Take a couple of weeks to think, take notes, and find articles that you like, or that tell a similar story. (I would say “that you want to rewrite” – but I want to warn you that plagiarism is not cool. Your ideas need to be original – but you can certainly use other blog posts for inspiration)

You should have a notebook, or use trello or evernote or some other way to capture ideas.

Take time, gather those ideas. While you’re on the john, in the car, waiting, watching tv – use those moments to gather your ideas.

I think you ought to be able to do this in a month maximum. But what would really help is if you schedule your day to blog. If I were you – I’d schedule two days right in a row. If you get it all done the first day – you can have a DAY OFF as a reward. But if you get off track, you’ll have that extra day just in case.

Part 2 will be here next Wednesday!