How To Blog For a Year In Just One Week – Part 4

October 27, 2014 in Blog, Marketing Monday

4. Curation

Obviously, Original content is best. But do you know what else is good?


This is where you share someone else’s blog post. You write an introduction – or copy the first sentence or two – and include a link back to the original article.

This is really good for filling in the gaps in your blogging plan.
If you are keeping a bookmark folder of articles you like – you might find some that you don’t want to RE-TELL – but would rather just share. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO THAT!

Just don’t copy their whole article – and I recommend writing a sentence or two of introduction.

If you need some help with it – I use the “My Curate” plugin for wordpress – and it has a bookmarklet that makes it easy to gather and curate content.