How To Blog For a Year In Just One Week – Part 3

October 20, 2014 in Blog, Marketing Monday

3. KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid.

You don’t need to write long bloviating posts. Tell a story. Make a point. Highlight an idea.

SURE there’s a lot you could say about any one topic – but you don’t have to say it all.

More words a better blog post does not make. –Yoda (not really)

Here’s two crazy truth’s about your blog that you don’t want to know.
1. No one reads it.
2. It doesn’t matter that no one reads it.

I know that sounds CRAZY with a capital P.
You should assume that NO ONE is clicking your blog everyday just to read it, because they love reading you. YOU MAY have that – and if you don’t have it – YOU MIGHT EVENTUALLY ATTAIN THAT. But in the meantime – look at your blog posts as fishing hooks.

The more you have in the water, the more potential you’ll have to snag someone.
(This is why a CALL TO ACTION on every page and post is important – it funnels them to take action and give you their money, or whatever it is that is your END RESULT.)
As people are searching for answer to the question: Where can I get a good steak dinner in Cleveland? They’ll find your blog post. Your job is to answer the question – and then sell them something.

You may occasionally have a self-absorbed high and mighty lofty sermon to deliver via blog post – and there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT on occasion – just make sure that you recognize that what you are doing when you blog is to write to get google’s attention, and get google to send readers your way. Then your job is to sell that reader something… whether it’s to click on another post – or to buy your book, or shop in your store.

You ought to be able to do that in a few paragraphs.