HOT Marketing: Be Compelling

July 20, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

Hot Marketing: Be Compelling
Want to make your marketing stand out? Want your marketing to be HOT instead of freezing cold? This month, Hatcher Media will tell you just what makes marketing HOT.

Your advertising needs to be compelling. It needs to COMPEL your target to become your customer.
What compels people? Lots of things! Appealing to their emotions, their lusts, their values, their fears, etc.
You can compel someone based on their positive and their negative emotions, by the way.

I’ve noticed a trend in the last few months that I’ve found interesting. Ads appealing to people with positivity – check these out….



Coca Cola

Whatever it is you do… make sure that you communicate your message clearly, and that you connect with people.

Tune in next week for “Hot Marketing: Be Specific”
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