Branding Basics: Logo

May 11, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

Before anything else  –  I recommend having your logo professionally designed.
I know you think it sounds like I’m trying to sell you somethign – and maybe I am. Full disclosure – it’s how I make my living –

but whether you have Hatcher Media create your logo, someone else create your logo, or someone else create it – there’s a few things you need to think about.

1. Is it readable at a glance? If it’s on the side of your truck, and I’m driving down the highway – can I read it? Can I clearly understand your message in 3 seconds?

2. Is it timeless? Some companies update their logo every few years – and you certainly COULD do that. But you also might consider creating a logo that will be around for awhile. I recommend the timeless option.

3. Is it scale-able?
Your logo needs to be able to be blown up. That means you need to create it as a vector file. If you don’t know how to do this – hire someone who can. If you have to blow up your logo – and it looks grainy – then you are going to look cheap and unprofessional.  (Also note – please make sure that your logo is resized properly – and not in such a way that stretches it out of proportion!)

4. Does it work in one color as well as multiple colors? Sometimes your logo needs to work in one color. Make sure that you keep that in mind.

Tune in next week for Branding Basics: Collateral
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Josh Hatcher