Advertising University: Social Media (Facebook Ads) 101

September 21, 2015 in Blog, Marketing Monday

Advertising University: Social Media (Facebook Ads) 101


adveritising university
I hear horror stories all the time from business owners who say, “I’ve spent thousands of dollars on XX (type of advertising) and I’ve never had a single call from it!” I think the key is in learning how to make the most of that advertising, so you can reap the benefits.

Facebook ads can be a mystery – and I’ve seen a lot of people BLOW money on this – because facebook is gaming you.

If you are going to pay for “likes” or interactions on your page – you want to pay for them from a real person who might buy from you.

How do you do this?
1. Target your ad to a specific geography. – Fake likes are often from overseas. You’ll get more real genuine likes if you target to the specific geographic area that is most likely to buy.
2. Don’t just “Boost Post” without checking the targeting and setting that right.
3. Don’t pay for “impressions” – pay for clicks, or pay for likes.
4. Bid a little lower or at the bottom of the recommended bid amount. You may get a little less exposure if someone else bids more – but you also won’t be paying more than you should.
5. Plan on budgeting a minimum of a dollar a day- and if you don’t want to do $30 a month – just run it so many days through the year.
6. Spend some time playing around with the ad maker – you can create campaigns without making them go live – so you can see what your options are.
7. Use facebook’s stock photos! They look great!
8. Be prepared for rejection – facebook won’t let you use pictures that are more than 20 percent text. Use your text for the text portion of the ad – not the photo.

Tune in next week. We’ll be discussing Advertising University: Cost Per Click (Google) 101
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