Blog Camp 2015

Blog Camp Master

Welcome to Blog Camp 2015!

What if you could write all of your blog posts for 2015 in ONE MONTH?
That’s what we’re going to do this coming January!
My exclusive One Month Program will help you create 3 Blog Posts a week to give your blog a jump start!

Is it intense? Yes.
Is it challenging? Yes.
Is it worth it? DOUBLE YES!
Is it going to be FUN? TRIPLE YES!
Is it going to cost me anything? NO!


  1. The Plan: Every day during January, you’ll get an email from me with our tasks and challenges for the day.
  2. The Team: We’ll be a part of a community that helps each other along – with a Closed Facebook group that allows us to bounce ideas off each other, share our work, network our strengths, and hold us accountable to the task!
  3. The Challenge: Not only will this require discipline, creativity, and elbow grease to make it happen – it will require you to think differently about your blog, and about your message.
  4. The Results: Eleven Months of Freedom. You’ll have a year’s worth of blogging DONE right out of the gate! Well… I’d actually encourage you to KEEP working on your blog throughout the year – but because of your advanced planning – you’ll be prepared for anything!
  5. We officially start January 1 – but in the meantime – I’ll be sharing some tips and secrets to help you prepare!

Sign up for our FREE BLOG CAMP 2015 here – and we’ll get started! Watch out for the email with the secret facebook group – because the group is the best part!

Signups for BlogCamp2015 Are Now Closed!

5 thoughts on “Blog Camp 2015

  1. Hello from #TheHustle. I’m excited!

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  4. Phyllis says:

    I’d love to do the free blog camp. When will you be offering it again? Thanks

    • Josh Hatcher says:


      I’m not quite sure how it’s going to work this year. It will start in January – but we’ll have signups before that. I know that we will have some free options – but this years log camp will be a premium (paid) feature. I am hoping to offer some free resources though. I’ll keep you in the loop!

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