People Come First. #wisdomwednesday

May 7, 2014 in Blog, Wednesday Wisdom

One of the things my dad always taught me is:

Son, You can learn something from EVERYONE. Take the time to listen to people. Everyone – even the crazy ones, or the ones that might not seem so smart, or the ones who are mean to you – have something to offer.


More important than my dad SAYING this, was they way dad MODELED this for me. Everyone knows my dad. Almost everyone likes my dad. Because he treats people like they matter to him. (BECAUSE THEY DO!)

This quote from Leo Burnett is great:

What helps people helps business.


Because it’s so true! Imagine the state of our economy if everyone who did business did it with PEOPLE in mind?
I don’t mean to get preachy or to sermonize – but the truth is – we need a moral compass guiding our business. We need to do business with the idea that “people matter” as a guiding principle. If we don’t – our success is hollow. I think of the movie “Wall Street” that played on an endless cable television loop when I was a kid. Those people treated each other terribly! I’m sure they were loaded with cash – and there are many who are loaded with cash who got their while acting like buttholes.  But I can’t imagine that life would be GOOD if I did that. I can’t imagine my success would be worth it.

And then I think of Apple.
I don’t mean to be a fan boy. Forgive me for sounding as such. In fact… to qualify – I can’t stand the iphone.
But EVERY SINGLE TIME that I call Apple for support on my macbook – they go OUT OF THEIR WAY to make me feel special. I speak to a native English Speaker who can understand me. My time talking to computers is minimal. They always provide excellent service, and they convey to ME that it’s their pleasure to do so.

I also think of Chik-Fil-A.
I’m not a fast food fan. I’d rather eat at an independently owned place…. unless I’m near a Chik-Fil-A. Say what you want about their politics… but when I’ve never seen a teenage girl so HAPPY to feed me chicken and to clean up a spilled milkshake. In fact, she brought us a free milk shake to replace it, and apologized several times about the spill – despite the fact that WE spilled it! And then when I said “Thanks” – she smiled and said, “It’s MY pleasure.” (And I think the really meant it.

The best (and simplest) marketing you can do is just simply to treat people well. Do your business with the goal of helping people, and they WILL come back, and they WILL tell their friends.

How can you put people first in YOUR business? What are some things that might need to change in your business operations to make that happen?
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