Revolution – #wisdomwednesday

June 25, 2014 in Blog, Wednesday Wisdom

Social media has already become so engrained in our culture that we often forget the power it wields.
I see so many merchants and service providers these days still struggling with using traditional advertising (which I’m not against – I just recommend it become a part of the strategy) and using their social media as an afterthought… and it makes me wonder, with the POWER that rests at their fingertips, why do they not use it?

I think of the way twitter has fueled a revolution in other parts of the world. They way facebook terms have crept into our everyday vocabulary. The way we often look for moments in our lives that we can instagram…

and it makes me realize that we have an army of people just waiting for messages from us. People just WAITING to be told how we can help make their lives better with our products and services.

DO NOT underestimate the value of social media for your business. If you use it consistently and effectively, you WILL be a part of the revolution!Brian Solis