Free Advertising Secrets – Part 2

December 9, 2013 in Blog, Video

In this series, we’re going to look at some ways to get advertising, without spending one  red cent. (or any other color for that matter.)

Note – nothing in life is truly free. I would never recommend that someone develop an advertising strategy without some kind of budget – but the point of this is to demonstrate that advertising does not always need to be expensive, and that you can trade TIME, ENERGY, and CREATIVITY for MONEY when it comes to communicating your message!

So – Part two of our series:
2. Market to Existing Customers – Upsell – Re-engage – Word of Mouth
We talked in our Effective Advertising series about building a relationship.
This is where that comes into play.

Upsell – When someone is in your store or at your desk, or on the phone – train your sales staff to UPSELL. Make sure that no matter what you are offering – there’s always another product to offer. Make it easy to bundle in additional services or products. “Do you need a hammer to go with these nails today?”  “Since you’re getting car insurance with us, are you interested in getting a quote for your homeowners insurance today as well?”

This advertising happens solely by asking one more question with every transaction. Cost – FREE.

Re-engage – If you have a company newsletter, or a call list –  or some other way to follow up with and re-engage your previous/current customers – you’ll find what powers every successful business – repeat customers.

Word of Mouth – Want to build a good word of mouth campaign? Train your workers to encourage your customers to tell their friends. Also – if you make a customer happy – get a testimonial! Just ask them to write you a review on your social media page – or have them email you their thoughts – and then use that testimonial to get the word out! You can use these in your PAID advertising as well – but if you build into your system the idea that your services are good enough to tell others about – then you train your staff to encourage all of your customers to spread the word!
“Thanks for stopping in today! Tell your friends about us!”

Another good idea –  encourage people to CHECK IN on facebook or another social media when they stop in.

If you want to spend a few dollars – you can look into a building a referral rewards program. My friend runs an insurance company. His referral program works well. He gives a small gift for each referral, and then enters them into a monthly and yearly drawing for bigger prizes. He sends his small gift with a thank you note – and reaps a fantastic amount of new business from referrals.

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