Interns Wanted

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Wanted: Digital Media and Creative Marketing Interns

Interns for Hatcher Media will receive hands on experience working for a creative digital media company, including copywriting, SEO, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Video Production, and website development, in addition to other creative content related duties.

This is a great opportunity to gain skills, build a portfolio, and bylines needed to help create a online presence and digital reputation.

Applicants should have a superior work-ethic, excellent written and oral communication skills, and a basic knowledge of digital media tools and platforms. Journalism, marketing, business, computer information systems, computer programming, and media studies or related majors are encouraged to apply.

To apply, please send cover letter and resume or link to completed linked-in profile to:

Josh Hatcher –
869 West Washington Street
Bradford, PA 16701


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Viral isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a business model. We take your message, and we make it focal point of water cooler and dinner table conversations. Let us help you come up with a creative marketing strategy that no antibiotic can cure.Viral Marketing Strategies for Central Ohio, and Western Pennsylvania

Sharp Like a Dagger

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SEO Friendly Graphic Design for Massillon Ohio - Canton Ohio - Pittsburg PA - Akron Ohio  and Bradford PennsylvaniaWe’re on the cutting edge. Hip. Fresh. Trendsetting. We’re using timeless design and marketing principles, and meshing them with modernity and style.

Bright and Shiny

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Hatcher Media - Creative Marketing Solutions for Bradford Pennsylvania and Massillon OhioAt Hatcher Media, we believe that every message should be visually appealing. We want to strengthen your important message by wrapping it up in a bright and shiny package that is relevant, and reflects your passion.

Creative Goop

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You’ve got a message that you want to get out. Hatcher Media has the kind of creative goop that can make your message sticky – so that it gets noticed – gets remembered – gets results.

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!